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We are delighted to say we have excellent results with our tuition, but rather than just telling you ourselves, we'd like to show you what some of our clients have been kind enough to say too (all names have been removed to respect privacy)…

Mum of 11 year old boy (6th class) -

"Even though my son has only been going to Toby for about 8 weeks, I can see a big improvement, not only in his reading, but also in his attitude towards school, reading and homework.
Homework time is a lot calmer, where before we both used to dread this time of the day! He appears to be happier and more confident to do his homework and completes it himself.
He never opened a book for enjoyment, only when he had to for school. He has just finished his first book and I actually caught him reading on a Saturday morning… (without being told!!).
He just seems like a happier boy and he is willing to put the effort in both at home and in school which is great!"

Also one from a teacher to the parent of a 9 year old girl (4th class)

I just wanted to let you know that your daughter’s reading has really improved. She read pages 14-19 of her FuzzBuzz accurately and quite fluently first thing this morning. Well done to her! Also, her letter writing formation has improved too."

Parent of 10 year old girl -

"My daughter has been attending lessons for the last year and we can really see a huge improvement in her self confidence and belief in her own intelligence and abilities. She loves the interactive class and variety of ways that the lessons are given. I would highly recommend these classes to any parent whose child is experiencing learning difficulties."

Parent of 14 year old boy on our Distance Learning Programme -

"Our son was diagnosed with Dyslexia in second class and Dysgraphia in sixth class. We came across Toby and Birgitta when they brought "The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia" Movie to Ennis. As Toby was explaining the left brain way of life on stage, he was describing our son better than anyone who knew him well ever could. We took all the brochures on the night as you do, but we actually followed up on them, or should I say my wife followed up on them. Next thing I knew we were off to Dyslexia Dublin to find out about 'Steps', the Distance Learning Programme that Toby promotes. From the very first meeting he really took to Toby and 'Steps'. As all parents know, once their children like what they are doing its half the battle. We arranged to do the Programme at home and call to the Centre every 4 to 6 weeks for a lesson. He immersed himself in the Programme and Work Book straight away, but nothing new there as he always gets stuck into new things. The difference this time was it was sustained."

"As he was in 6th class we arranged to up our trips to fortnightly in preparation for Secondary school. The move to Secondary school has gone fantastically and he loves it. He has come up 3 years in his Reading Age in 18 months and, even more importantly, his confidence has improved dramatically. This we put down to Toby, his Programme, tuition and encouragement. We had tried a wide spectrum of "fixes" with our son and I have to say, from the very start, the difference in this Programme was evident. His teacher spotted the difference within a few weeks as well, as he was more interested in school and more willing to participate."

"We could not recommend Toby and 'Steps' highly enough. Toby seems to really know our son and has an answer ready for him before he has the next "question" formed."

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