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Early detection allows a programme to be tailored to promote your child's special learning needs. It is never too late to seek help to deal with your specific needs. It is never too late for adults to benefit from our programmes either.

At Dyslexia Dublin (CETC), we use the Aston method of assessing our students, this is carried out in a very relaxed setting to ensure the student is at ease and not feeling in any way pressurised. With this technique we can identify children with;-

  • one or more specific learning needs
  • language difficulties
  • auditory and visual perception difficulties
  • graphic difficulties
  • specific difficulties in reading, writing and spelling

Based on extensive research over a number of years we use the most up to date techniques to support the learning development of dyslexic children. We are able to identify the needs of individual pupils and their learning styles, thus building and developing pupils reading, writing, numeric and communication skills.

Once our assessment has taken place we devise an individual lesson plan, taking into account all of the areas highlighted. We recommend that students attend a minimum of one session per week or a maximum of two sessions. We use a multi-sensory teaching approach which is a tried and tested method of successful training.

With our proven training programme, we have already gained back over 100 years in lost literacy and numeracy skills for those we work with.

If you’d like to become part of our success story, why not give us a call!

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Artistic Dyslexics

Brendan O'Carroll

Brendan O'Carroll,
Britney Spears,
Shane Lynch,
Noel Gallagher,
John Lennon,
Nigel Kennedy,
Beethoven, Mozart,
Leonardo da Vinci,
Pablo Picasso,
John Irving,
W.B. Yeats,
Edgar Allen Poe,
Agatha Christie,

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